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Rutland Marathon Spring Half

Rutland Spring Half Marathon Logo

The government announced their roadmap out of lockdown 22/02/2021 we are still uncertain what that means for our event. We still need permission from the key stakeholders and local authorities to host the event as planned. 

We are working hard to create an event plan thats agreeable to our public and deliverable in a Covid safe manner.

As soon as we know the exact implications for the roadmap we will inform everyone who has entered so far as well as announcing updates on our website and social media platforms.


Race Date: 11/04/2021 

Distance: Half Marathon 13.1m / 21km    

Start time: 09:30am

Cut off Time: 1:30pm

Start/Finish: Barnsdale, Rutland Water

Entry Fee: £32.00

UKA Entry Fee: £30.00

Entry Fee Includes:

Finisher Medal

Tech Finisher t-shirt

Instant Results

Chip timing

UKA Licensed event

Free Event Photos

This event will be subject to any and all Covid restrictions at the time of the event. By entering you are accepting timings and formats might need to change to accommodate new legislations or government guidance. The situation might change from when you enter to when the event goes ahead.We will try to keep the event as close to originally planned as physically possible. If the event cannot go ahead because of Government restrictions we will automatically transfer your entry into the 2022 version of the event. 

Beautiful Scenic Half Marathon around Rutland Water.

The race takes place on a stunning route with unrivalled views of the county.  

How To Enter

Agree to the terms and conditions

Agree to the refund and deferral policy

Follow the link, Enter Now

Fill in your details and pay the entry fee.

Check your inbox, spam folders, work emails or anywhere else your confirmation email might be hiding!
Email us at if you do not appear on the start list or you have not received your email confirmation. 

There is a new menu on the entry page for a predicted finish time. Runners will be split into start waves in 2021.

There is an "I'm not sure' option. (But please try and guess)

This is a best guess at the time of entry. 

You will not need to change your time if you get faster or slower before race day. 

If you are in a different wave to your friends but would like to run together, faster runners can move backwards but slower runners cannot move forwards through the waves.

2020 deferred entries

Lots of runners very kindly deferred their entry from the cancelled 2020 race. If that is you, thank you so much for the continued support. Here is a link to check that you're on the list. Any issues please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

The Course

Start/Finish: Barnsdale Wood

13.1 Miles / 21 Km

Ascent 804ft

Descent 804ft

Terrain: Undulating/Mixed

Feed stations: Mile 1,4,6.5,9,12

Start 09:30am 

Finish 1:30pm

Mens Record:1:19:39 Thomas Loe 2019

Womens Record:1:26:56 Lucy Thraves 2019

In a very minor tweak to 2018, we have included a small change to the course at the 6.5mile point. (2019 course included the change)

Click to enlarge image

Please Note,

By arriving on the start line you are confirming your ability to participate.

It is the runners responsibility to ensure they are fit and well.

If you're in any doubt please consult a medical professional. 

Rutland Spring Half Marathon Course Map
Rutland Spring Half Marathon course profile
Rutland Spring Half Marathon course view


We get lots of enquiries about the terrain and suggested footwear for this race. 
The majority of the course is Tarmac. Miles 5 - 9 look similar to the picture on the left. It's beautiful but please be aware the route is slightly looser under foot. The track is used year round, it has been in place for 40+ years. It's well trodden and worn in. We cannot promise there won't be damp sections, especially in the wooded areas. We run here year round in road shoes but some people choose a more winter based trail shoe. It's not an off road or trail shoe event but please note the difference in terrain. Miles 0-5 + 9-13.1 are all on tarmac footpaths.  

We also have a Spring Half Marathon Walk.
The chance to walk the route the day before. A half marathon at a slightly gentler pace

Event Timetable

Provisional timetable and may be subject to change.



09:30am The Rutland Spring Half Marathon starts

09:30am Wave 1 Red

09:32am Wave 2 Blue

09:34am Wave 3 Yellow

09:36am Wave 4 Green

09:38am Wave 5 Purple


1:30pm The Rutland Spring Half Marathon course closed


6:00pm Barnsdale car park closed


Provisional results will be published throughout the day

Results will be finalised the following week


The race is organised in conjunction with Run Britain. You will run under British Athletics rules. To see the full list of road running rules then please visit their website.

No in or over ear headphones allowed. Bone conducting headphones are absolutely fine.

Under UKA rules you unfortunately cannot run with a buggy or your dog on a lead. 

Race Guide (available 28/03/2021)

How to find us

Getting to the start line


There are two parking options for this event.

Whitwell - Free to runners (Approximately 10 minutes from the start line)

Barnsdale - £3.00 per car (limited availability)


When parking is full at the Barnsdale, site traffic will be re directed to Whitwell where parking is free, but involves a short walk through the Bluebell wood to get to the start line. (it’s actually a very lovely walk). The car park is located just over 1km from the start line.

We encourage runners to make their way to Whitwell nice and early where the walk to the start line will be well signposted.

Exiting the site after the race will be easier from Whitwell. Restrictions will apply in Barnsdale. No traffic can enter or exit the Barnsdale site between 9:15am and 09:45am

Barnsdale traffic is exit only after 10:30am


Whitwell Car Park

Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell, Oakham, LE15 8BL


Barnsdale Car Park

Barnsdale wood, Barnsdale car park, Rutland Water, LE15 8AB

Rutland Spring Half Marathon event location
RSHM parking map

Please be aware that the local council do not allow parking on the grass verges around Rutland water. If anyone chooses to park along the route they risk receiving a fine. Please use official car parks.

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Official Charity

Athlete Recovery Supported By:
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Contact Us

Mick Hall photos Logo
Race Photos available from:

Please note; we might be more difficult to contact

during race week.

Mark all urgent enquiries with URGENT SpringMarathon 

in the title and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Event Photos

Dont talk about 2020
2021 Results
2021 Race Photos

Covid Secure Event

This years event will be a little different to previous years. We have made some necessary changes to ensure we are Covid safe in order to protect our competitors, colleagues and community. 

We are in constant dialogue with key stakeholders to ensure we are as safe as possible given the current situation. 

Event capacity

We have scaled back slightly meaning there's more space for runners and walkers.  

The capacity will be managed with split start times. The start and finish areas will be socially distanced with queue areas should we have to manage starters crossing the line. Suggested start times will be based on your expected finish time. 

Race numbers and timing chips 

We will send race numbers with timing chips to your registered address before the event. If you forget your race number there will be a £2 charge on the day to replace.   


Medical provisions

Covid safe medical provisions. As with all out events we have an incredibly high standard of safety cover often hiding out on the course. The provisions in place are set up to be Covid safe so you can be confident if assistance is required. 


Track and trace

Track and trace will be implemented using your entry details. We will also have QR codes so we can track and trace via the government app. 


Face masks and hand washing

We will have socially distanced queues and plenty of hand washing facilities at all public areas, please use them. 
Please use a face mask if you need to approach our team. If you have forgotten your race number please wear a face mask when arranging a new one. We are outdoors in an open space so mask wearing is not compulsory but please be sensitive to others around you. If you choose to wear a mask anyway you are of course welcome to do so. 



Unfortunately there will be no spectators allowed at the site. 

Arriving at the event site

There will be ample parking on the site. Please park your car, dress to run/walk and make your way to the start line at your suggested start time. 

The start line.

We have a new large open start area so social distancing can be observed. If we experience a peak in arrivals we will arrange runners on a first come first serve basis in our social distance queue system. The team will be on hand to manage your arrival safely. If you turn up to the start area dressed with your race number (which included your timing chip) at the correct time we will help you start safely. There is no need to check in or register. We will note your arrival when you trigger the timing mats at the start line. 

Runners services

This has changed a little from previous years to reduce contact points. Please leave your bag in your vehicle as there will be no waiting around on the start line. Arrive at the start area dressed to run. 
Unfortunately we cannot host runners pre and post event. This facility will be closed for the duration of the event. 

Toilet facilities

They will be open and available to runners on the night of the event. Ample hand washing facilities will be available outside the toilet blocks. 

Course etiquette

You must stay to the left at all times on the route. This is a very tentative step back into events for everyone and we know that we can rely on your cooperation. There are no olympic medals at stake but we appreciate you want to be competitive. Please turn up at your correct start window (that will make everyones lives a lot less stressful) and if you need to overtake please do so sensibly and courteously. For one year only we politely ask that you don't sharpen your elbows on the way past other runners but you pass with ample distance once a gap appears. If you're being overtaken please be courteous and allow some room. If everyone tries their best we can all have a fun event with little need for us to referee. Play nice and be sympathetic to others around you!  

Hydration/feed stations

Please try to be self sufficient if you can (we appreciate thats difficult over this distance). There will be self serve feed stations on the course. Please grab a bottle and discard away from the feed station. options may be limited to water only to prevent cross contamination.

Finish line

Sadly we cannot present medals. We have always presented medals from day one of our events company and it's very sad that we're unable to do it this time. We appreciate you being there and can only apologise that this important marker of your achievement will be so impersonal. 

The Finish line will be split from the start. Once you finish please avoid congregating in numbers around the finish area. We don't want to kick anyone straight off the site but please be mindful that we cannot allow crowds to form. 

We are managing this event as safely as possible and thank you for considering running or walking with us. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

The course is stunning and we hope to honour the opportunity to enjoy the event in a safe and responsible manner. 

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