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Rutland Marathon Spring Half

Rutland Spring Half Marathon 2020 Theme
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Lockdown put a stop to our April event - This is the RE-RUN. 

Enjoy this stunning course and earn your Rutland Spring Half Marathon Medal.
The route is always open so you can complete the course whenever suits you best. 

Walkers and Runners Welcome

Distance: Half Marathon 13.1m / 21km    

Start Date: August 2020

Cut off Date: 31/12/2020

Start/Finish: Barnsdale, Rutland Water

Entry Fee: £8.00

Subject to changing government advice.

Please respect social distancing advice

Do not run in large groups

The RE-RUN will continue as long as the authorities advise that it is safe to do so. 

How it works?

This is a Virtual race not a virtual course. The Re-Run course is set and ready for you to complete.

Step 1: Sign up to the Rutland Spring Half Marathon RE-RUN via the links below

Step 2: Read the Re-Run guide and take note of the course. (Course signs are in place but are effected by weather, wind and vandals) 

Step 3: Run or Walk the course whenever suits you best. Record your activity on your favourite tracking app.

Step 4: Submit your results to be included on the leader board

(or keep it a secret if you prefer but you must let us know you've completed the run)

and wait for your hard earned bling to arrive in the post. Then feel free to brag a little as you have just completed a half marathon. 

Rules: solo or small groups exercising social distancing only

Only available as long as government advice is for social distancing and not complete lockdown/isolation. 

Runners or walkers must be fit and able to participate.

Not for anyone who should be self isolating or shielding.
You acknowledge and are happy that there is no support available on the course.

*A range of apps available, you are responsible for timing your own walk/run

*leaderboards will be updated weekly



All walkers and runners will receive a 2020 Spring Half Marathon medal to mark their achievement. 

Please read the terms and conditions 

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 17.11.33.png


The start and finish line will be marked with a simple funnel and our event branding. 

The course will be open 24/7 until -31/12/2020
Parking directly next to the start finish area is available during site opening hours. If parking outside the site there is a small walk to the start line. 


The course is marked at major junctions or turn points using orange signs with black arrows but runners should be ready to be self sufficient and self navigate when completing the course.

(please take note of the course as we cannot account for weather, vandals or misfortune effecting the course marks)

Please print the course map or learn the course before setting off.

(The course simply follows the cycle track around the peninsula and back to Barnsdale Anglian waters signs are in place all year round).
The course is unsupported by our team. 

Start/Finish: Barnsdale Wood

13.1 Miles / 21 Km

Ascent 804ft

Descent 804ft

Terrain: Undulating/Mixed

Feed stations: No feed stations

Mens Record:1:19:39 Thomas Loe 2019

Womens Record:1:26:56 Lucy Thraves 2019

2020 Re-Run times will not count to course records

Please Note,

By arriving on the start line you are confirming your ability to participate.

It is the runners responsibility to ensure they are fit and well.

If you're in any doubt please consult a medical 


Rutland Spring Half Marathon Course Map

Click to enlarge image

Rutland Spring Half Marathon course profile
Rutland Spring Half Marathon course view


We get lots of enquiries about the terrain and suggested footwear for this course. 
The majority of the course is Tarmac. Miles 5 - 9 look similar to the picture on the left. It's beautiful but please be aware the route is slightly looser under foot. The track is used year round, it has been in place for 40+ years. It's well trodden and worn in. We cannot promise there won't be damp sections, especially in the wooded areas. We run here year round in road shoes but some people choose a more winter based trail shoe. It's not an off road or trail shoe event but please note the difference in terrain. Miles 0-5 + 9-13.1 are all on tarmac footpaths.  




The weather can move or damage the signage and idiots can tamper with the arrows!

We make every effort to check the course at regular intervals but it's impossible to monitor 24/7.

We have placed large orange signs at major junctions to assist navigation but please do not rely on these 100%.

There are permanent Rutland water signs around the course as we use the cycle route the entire way. These are less vulnerable and more reliable to navigate, you just need a very rough idea where you are going in order to navigate successfully. 

Please see a more detailed description in the event guide. 

Our sign pictured on a Rutland Water permanent sign

How to find us

Getting to the start line


There are two parking options for this event.

Whitwell or Barnsdale car park


Barnsdale Car Park (weekends only)

Barnsdale wood, Barnsdale car park, Rutland Water, LE15 8AB

Whitwell Car Park

Bull Brigg Lane, Whitwell, Oakham, LE15 8BL

Requires a short walk through the woods to get to the

Barnsdale start line

Rutland Spring Half Marathon event location

Contact Us

Thanks! Message sent.

Please be aware that the local council do not allow parking on the grass verges around Rutland water. If anyone chooses to park along the route they risk receiving a fine. Please use official car parks.

email to submit your results and claim your finisher medal

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