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 Thursday 10/11/22 Walkers
Friday 11/11/22 Runners
Saturday 12/11/22 Runners
Rutland Water


We are proud to present our  Rutland Night10k at Rutland Water. Three evenings with walkers on Thursday and Runners on Friday and Saturday. The event is for everyone to come and enjoy a fantastic experience no matter what their ability. Each November you have the chance to experience this incredible venue after dark with our beautiful lights around the entire course. 

Date: 10/11/2022 Walkers

           11/11/2022 Runners

           12/11/2022 Runners 

Location: Normanton, South Shore, Rutland Water

Distance: 10km

Minimum age:15 yrs old

Start time: from 5:30pm​

Run Entry £22


Fee Includes:

Chip timing

Personalised race number

Parking at Normanton site

Finisher medal

Glow wrist band​

refreshments at the finish

Comprehensive medical support

Trophies for podium places

Walk Entry £16 

10/11/22 ONLY

Fee Includes:

Personalised race number

Parking at Normanton site

Finisher medal

Glow wrist band​

On course refreshments

Comprehensive medical support

Our night event starts and finishes at one of Rutland's most recognisable landmarks, Normanton Church. It will be beautifully illuminated making it visible throughout the whole course. The route is completely traffic free, on well maintained footpaths. This event is open to all abilities. You don't always need to race, you can come and enjoy the atmosphere. 
The route will be subtly illuminated throughout. 


How to Enter

All three evenings are processed via the same entry link

Please read the terms and conditions, transfer and refund policy, then follow the link. 

Simply follow the instructions and fill in all the fields on the digital entry form. 

You must complete the payment process to secure your entry. 

If you do not recieve a confirmation email you may not have completed the online registration system and will not be guaranteed a place in the event. Please check junk folders for confirmation emails. 

If you do not recieve a confirmation email after registration please get in touch. rutlandmarathon@gmail.com

Important Stuff

Please be aware that the temperature can range from minus figures, to the mid teens Celsius at this time of year. The event will go ahead in most weather conditions. Safety is our primary concern, we will keep you up to date in the week prior to the event if conditions are going to influence the delivery of this race.  

Please be aware we must conform to Covid-19 safe measures. The event plan may change as the situation changes. We will try to keep everything as close as originally advertised but we may have to take steps to keep everyone safe. 

Please read the terms and conditions. We have provided a shortened version of the refund and transfer policy for easy reference. 


The Course

Night10km Route Map.jpg

You will start and finish in Normanton near the fishing lodge. 

The lights and atmosphere will be incredible as you leave Normanton. 

The course starts along the south shore before completing the length of the Dam. You then pass through Sykes lane where views of the route already completed will be spectacular. Runners will continue along the tarmac track until they reach the end of Whitwell creek. This is their turn point at 5km. You will then re trace your path home to Normanton. 

How To Find us

Parking (price included in your entry fee)

Normanton car park, Head to Normanton Church on the south shore of Rutland water. We are using the car park next to The fishing lodge and Rutland cycles Giant store. 

Normanton Rd

Edith Weston
Rutland Water, South shore

LE15 8HD

Start Line

Waterside Cafe 

Normanton road

Rutland Water

South shore

LE15 8HD

Night10km Address.jpg


All times are provisional



4:30pm Free parking to walkers 

5:00pm Site closed to the general public

5:00pm First walkers set off.

6:00pm Last walkers set off


4:30pm Free parking to runners 

5:00pm Site closed to the general public

5:30pm First runners set off.

6:00pm Last runners set off


4:30pm Free parking to runners 

5:00pm Site closed to the general public

5:30pm First runners set off.

6:00pm Last runners set off


We are not sure if we can provide the social gathering we have in previous years. 

If restrictions are relaxed we will reinstate the social gathering.

This is a provisional timetable and may be subject to change. Please double check the week before the event. 


Thanks! Message sent.

Email:  rutlandmarathon@gmail.com

Facebook: /therutlandmarathon

Instagram: @rutlandmarathon


We will publish a race guide two weeks prior to the event containing all the final event information. All details prior to the publication of the race guide are provisional.

We will implement all/any Covid-19 requirements at the time of the event.

Race Briefing

All briefing notes will be emailed to runners and walkers in the week prior to the event. We will relay key information over the public address system throughout the evening. Please ensure you read the race documents before attending the event.

Start times

Our provisional start time is from 5.30pm. Coronavirus will influence the starting procedure that we adopt. We expect any covid restrictions to be relaxed but are conscious that we will be going into a winter period.  


There are no on the day entries in this event. You must have registered in advance. We will send race numbers to your registered address in advance of the event.


Please do not forget your race number, there is a small charge for a replacement. 


The Normanton car park is available to all our runners. The parking fees are included in your entry. This will be valid from 4:30pm.



No music players allowed. 

Unfortunately you cannot run with a buggy or your dog on a lead. 

Dogs are welcome at the NightWalk but not the NightRun.

Please do not pass on your entry without informing us. Changing entries will only be considered within the transfer policy. 

The person registered must turn up to race.
Torches are compulsory, hand torches are acceptable, head torches are better. We will have lights to mark the course but you will need additional light to see the track. 



After a few hundred metres the majority of the route is Tarmac. The course begins in Normanton Car park. We cannot promise there won't be damp sections, especially in the wooded areas. At this time of year the tracks can be muddy and covered in leaves. We suggest caution especially in reduced visibility.

What will you receive before the race?

We will send race numbers and timing chips in the post. 

You should receive an automated confirmation email when you register. If you do not receive an email please first check your junk email folder.

We will email everyone a race guide and final event timings in the week prior to the event. 

Info for Thursday Walk only

Can you walk for charity?

You are very welcome to walk for charity. We would love you to raise lots of dosh for a good cause. 

Do you need a torch?

You DO NEED A TORCH. If you are walking in a pair, feel free to share one. We are all adults, you can make that choice. But don't shout at us if you end up in the dark without a light. It is a night walk. It will be dark. you don't have to light the torch the entire time. It can ruin the atmosphere, but please be sensible. 

What is an average walking pace?

Google seems to think around 3 miles an hour. That means 2 hours will be an average finish time. 

How will that take to complete 10km?

Each individual will be different. We have allowed 4 hours. That is twice the average walking pace. 

Can I eat on the way?

Yes, but please clear up after yourself.

Can I take a rucksack?

Please do. You might want some extra clothing. Unless you get warm and need to strip a few layers. 

Do I need to walk the entire 10km? 

No, we will have turn options throughout. Please come and enjoy the route, challenge yourself, but don't feel like you must finish the entire 10km. You do need to get yourself back from wherever you decide to turn. There is no taxi service here. 

Are dogs welcome?

Dogs are welcome for the Thursday Walk, irresponsible owners are not.
Friendly dogs only please. They must get along with other dogs. Please clear any mess up after you! On or off the track. Enjoy walking your dog but please respect the venue and the event so we can continue to allow dogs to come along. 
They must be on a short lead at all times. Long extendable leads in the dark are asking for trouble. Do not let them chase the sheep in the dark. You are responsible for your dog at all times on the site. We want to allow people this option, but are not taking responsibility for everyone and their dog! Sorry for the lecture!


Covid-19 Safe event

We hope to go ahead exactly as planned but we are conscious that Covid restrictions may be in place by November.

We are in constant dialogue with key stakeholders to ensure we are as safe as possible given the current situation. 

Race numbers and timing chips

We will send race numbers with timing chips to your registered address before the event. If you forget your race number there will be a £2 charge on the night to replace.   


Medical provisions

Covid safe medical provisions. As with all out events we have an incredibly high standard of safety cover often hiding out on the course. The provisions in place are set up to be Covid safe so you can be confident if assistance is required. 

Face masks and hand washing

We will have plenty of hand washing facilities at all public areas, please use them. 
Please be considerate to others. If you have forgotten your race number please consider wearing a face mask when arranging a new one. We are outdoors in an open space so mask wearing is not compulsory but please be sensitive to others around you. If you choose to wear a mask anyway you are of course welcome to do so. 

Arriving at the event site

There will be ample parking on the site. Please park your car, dress to run/walk and make your way to the start line at your suggested start time. 

Athlete services

This has changed a little from previous years to reduce contact points. Please leave your bag in your vehicle.

Toilet facilities

They will be open and available on the night of the event. Ample hand washing facilities will be available outside the toilet blocks. 

Course etiquette

You must stay to the left at all times on the route. We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation and we trust that we can rely on your cooperation. There are no olympic medals at stake but we appreciate you want to be competitive. Please turn up at your correct start window (that will make everyones lives a lot less stressful) and if you need to overtake please do so sensibly and courteously. For one year only we politely ask that you don't sharpen your elbows on the way past others, but you pass with ample distance once a gap appears. If you're being overtaken please be courteous and allow some room. If everyone tries their best we can all have a fun evening with little need for us to referee. Play nice and be sympathetic to others around you!  

Hydration/feed stations

 There will be self serve feed stations at Sykes lane. Please grab a cup and discard away from the feed station. 

Finish line

Sadly we cannot present medals. We have always presented medals from day one of our events company and it's very sad that we're unable to do it this time. We appreciate you being there and can only apologise that this important marker of your achievement will be so impersonal. 

We are managing this event as safely as possible and thank you for considering running or walking with us. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

The course is stunning and we hope to honour the opportunity to enjoy the event in a safe and responsible manner. 

Thank you for reading

See you in November!